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PU Hardcover Notebook Supplier -Paper Notebook Information Record: 3 Principles

PU Hardcover Notebook Supplier -Paper Notebook Information Record: 3 Principles

PU Hardcover Notebook Supplier -Paper Notebook Information Record: 3 Principles

I was fortunate enough to read the "How to Organize Information Effectively" by Okuno Xuanzhi to truly realize that even in the current information age, paper notebooks still have an irreplaceable role. A small notebook contains such a magic power that information can be realized through the notebook. Integrate for knowledge production. "How to effectively organize information" combined with the practical experience of using hundreds of notebooks continuously in the past 10 years personally, introduced us to the method of using notebooks to collect and organize information in daily work and life.

 So how do we organize information in a notebook? Okuno Xuanzhi told us three basic principles: unification, timing and indexing. We do not need to carry out strict classification, just put all the information we want to record into the notebook, which not only takes very little time, but also ensures that useful information is not lost. The six-digit time and the serial number of each notebook can also be more convenient for future reference. Especially like the continuous recording of Okuno Xuanzhi in this way for nearly 10 years. With nearly 200 notebooks, you can still clearly see the recording time and extraction information.

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In addition, methods such as using letters for abbreviations, symbolizing the contents of common notes, using different-colored stylus pens, and directly pasting important content, etc., which we use to take notes while reading, can also be applied, "scallion tuna hot pot style" Notes are a very good method introduced by Akuno Xuanzhi, and I often use them now, that is, based on summarizing other people ’s speeches and observing the information, recording their feelings at the time, which will also be their own knowledge in the future. One source of inspiration for creation. Only through solid accumulation can we obtain rich materials.

Whether it is information recording or sorting, the purpose is to serve for knowledge production, to think and ferment the collected and sorted materials, so as to carry out new creations. As the American advertising guru James Weber Young puts forward in his book "Generation of Ideas": "The so-called creativity is just to regroup the original elements." Okuno Xuanzhi divides the process of obtaining creative ideas from live materials into several steps: collection, chewing, fermentation, epiphany, and concretization. Only after completing the content of the previous step can the next step be carried out. Compared with deliberately searching for materials, this will be found daily Things, doubts, concerns, thoughts and thoughts will be recorded, which will become a good daily material. When the information is output, it can be more confident, and when it is read again, it may bring new discoveries. .

Ao Yexuan deserved to be a well-known "notebook writer" that caused a warm response. It made me realize that a small paper notebook has such a charm. This is not only a simple record of daily work and life, but also written for myself. Chronicles, sources of knowledge creation materials. I believe that if you look at a notebook a few years later, you will definitely have a different feeling.


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