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Three Performance Indexes Of Self-adhesive Sticker Printing Ink

Three Performance Indexes Of Self-adhesive Sticker Printing Ink

self-adhesive sticker

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards and the continuous expansion of self-adhesive sticker printing market, self-adhesive sticker printing is more and more popular. Self-adhesive ink is an important factor affecting self-adhesive printing, so the choice of self-adhesive sticker printing ink is very important. What are the three performance indexes of self-adhesive sticker printing ink?

Performance index of self-adhesive sticker printing ink:

1. Dryness: The dryness of ink also has a great influence on label printing. Too fast drying can easily cause the pattern to become shallow or even dry; Slow drying can easily cause ink adhesion or dirty printing. Generally speaking, the drying speed of ink should be compatible with the printing speed, the drying capacity of printing equipment and the area of printed pattern.

2.pH value: For water-based label printing ink, it is very important to control the pH value, which is generally between 8 and 9. The change of PH value of water-based ink will also cause the change of viscosity. Therefore, a proper amount of pH stabilizer should be added to the ink at regular intervals in the printing process.

3. Stable viscosity: Stable ink viscosity is one of the prerequisites to ensure the consistency of printed matter quality. Too high or too low ink viscosity is not conducive to printing, so it is very important to control ink viscosity. Generally speaking, in the printing process, with the evaporation of water and solvent in the ink, the viscosity of the ink will gradually increase, so the viscosity of the ink should be measured frequently, and the viscosity changes should be recorded and adjusted in time.

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